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Projects we have with our partners

We have a very good partnership with a dutch charity. All these projects are possible because of them. They are the ones who support all the expenses and sponsorship for the following. Our charity only does the logistic side of the work. We make sure the funds are spent for the right situations. For this we keep close contact with the social worker from the village where families are.

All families helped are  for the purpose of preventing abandon. We try as much as we can to motivate any parents they would have not to give up on children. Until now we have had good results and very pleased with the way families respond to our efforts.

1.Family with mom and 5 children in worse condition ever. (monthly support) read more


2.Family with big need. read more


3.Medicines for children or old people. (monthly support) read more



4. Diapers for old people and paralyzed people .( occasional )    read more

5.Help through our contacts in 21 villages from Botosani area. (when needed)    read more

6. Our second hand shop. You can donate any goods that we can sell and support our orphanage.  read more

7. We need help to take children to a camp in the mountain.   read more

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