Our History



In 1993 a English lady was dying of terminal cancer. She saw in BBC a program about Romanian orphanages. At that time the places were really bad and with way too many children and lots of needs and problems.

She was so touched by the conditions of the children and the care they received and she wanted to do something about it. She was not able to travel anymore and her time in this world was almost finished. So in her will she said that she would like a house made in Romania for children so that no child would ever live in conditions like that.

This is how our charity ended with money to start this project. So on 1th of March 1994 we opened Casa Ioana. English lady was gone by then. She never made it to know what we have done. But friends who were close to her came and saw what it was made with her money.

We managed since then to take care of 3 generation of children. In 2000 we took 19 children to England and we all went to meet some of her family and friends there. We went to the church she used to go , and it was a nice time for children and for the friends.

Suna acum