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1. Five children in a broken house

Family who is helped by our partners from Holland , charity Promotie

They have no house and mum is taking care of 5 children. Older girl is 14 years old and smallest is 2.


Our friends were able to find the financial means to help this family for a certain time.

1. Housing. Managed to find a house for them to stay and they do not have to pay anything. It is taken care by our friends. House has anything in it from fridge, to beds and stove and a small garden that they can work in the spring time.

2. Food. It is a big problem when you do not have a job and any income to take care of 5 kids. Besides food there are clothes, shoes, school staff, all these can add up and if the money are not there , it is a big problem. Jobs are practically 0 in villages. There is a village shop , a bar and school and church . These are the jobs available in a village. Well mum has no job and she never had. All she was able to find was work in the neighbor’s gardens and she would be paired with food. This is ow she was ale to provide for the family. Well, we take care of that to now. The charity from holland is sending food and money for fire wood, school expenses, clothes and so on.

3. School. The only exit of the house is to go to school. So they like it. The older girl wants to be a policewoman so at this stage this is her target. We will see how this will come latter. The small brothers go to the kindergarten and it is nice to see that there is some improvement in their comunicatin and language skills. Hope they will make good progress.

4. Medical needs. Far away from doctors and medical care, they do need help. Mother is trying as much as she can to care for them, but as you can imagine 5 children need a lot of attention. Medicines can be a problem and any could one child will get, it will be “shared” with the rest of them in just hours. They all sleep in 1 room and this is not very helpful. So imagine going to pharmacy to buy coughing sirup for 5 children and 1 adult. It gets a bit expensive.

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