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You can help children.

With the Romanian orphan population growing in epidemic proportion, there is an enormous, immediate need for orphan care.

First step is made and at the moment we care for 15 children. We take care of every thing concerning them, from food, clothing, education, medical needs, etc.

Second step is to get involved with kids who are in need and family can not help at all. Organizing and planning these activities is a lengthy process. Your decision today makes it possible for us to know how we can respond to emergency crisis. Please pray and tell your friends about this project. Casa Ioana needs your prayers and support.

If you’re considering volunteering to serve in another country, this is a wonderful opportunity that will be personally rewarding.

If you are in the transporting industry and can help us transporting goods to Romania, we would like to hear from you also.There are a huge number of people who need a lot of support and little is done in this area.Big charities stop in the West part of the country and we live in north east. It is one of the poorest area of Romania. In fact our town is second poorest in Romania.

So help is much needed and appreciated.

Suna acum