5. Help needed.

We will put in this page different need for more families. At the moment what we can do for them is very little. Help them with  some food and clothes., but not enough.

If you think you have a heart for any of these, let us know and we will join with you and help them.

1. Mother and sick father. Daughter with 2 mall children in a a very small house , with no  electric, no water, no toilet, no land .

In the house the roof came down as it was made out of dirt and straw. So if I wanted to stand in the house I could not.

Only 1 room of course and 2 small beds for 5 persons. I bit too crowdy for them.

In a village in Botosani. I  made more  pictures , but  not all of them came out . Need a new camera. 🙂



Suna acum