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3.Mum with three children

There is a section in authorities who deal with children where they can protect mothers who are in urgent need and nothing else is provided for them . From such a place we receive invitations to help different cases of mothers who have been abused or the children have been abused and there is no place for them anywhere else.


This is the case with the following mother who was in this institution for the past 9 month. family has no place to live and no income as the mum has no job and no support. There is a husband , but he is in another village quite far and his job is to take care of ship on the field. He sleeps there and he eats there and his job is only that .

His income is very low ( 130 EURO a month) and sometimes he can not even get that in a month. He is trying to help the mum with the 3 kids , but he can not at this moment at all.

So with the help of our partners, Promotie. We can help this family.

1. Food . We take them food every month for the children. So from our partners we have a lot of hack we give them , nice sultana and different biscuits , but we also buy food from supermarket for them. We buy things like: oil, flower, sugar, meat cans ( they do not have a fridge, so they can it preserve the food) rice , pasta washy powder, bread, a whole chicken some times. All different food we think they need we try to get it for them.

2. Medicines. We make a donation of 50 Euro direct to the mum for medicines for kids. They are small and get colds , or the 6 month one need different cream or dypers and others. This is also good for her as she has some freedom to use this as she needs most.

3. Fire wood. It was a promise from the local authorities for a horse and a cart full with wood. But we are still waiting for that.

4. Clothes. We are ok for that. We have clothes to give away from the same charity and at this moment we are ok.

5. Gifts. Above all of that if you fell like you want to help them, we will gladly take anything you can send and deliver to the family. This includes money, food, clothes, toys or anything else. We will make pictures and send you prove that things were deliveres to the them.

Here are some pictures.