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4. Medicines for children or old people.

With the help of our friends from Holland we are able to do more. A lot of families are so poor they can hardly find food  for everyday use. But medicines can be a dream. The Romanian system we have is not supporting old people or children for a lot of medicines they need.

A lot of times we get requests from families to help with medicines or just a bit of the costs with medicines. We try as much as we can to do so.

  1. Children who need heart operation need transportation to hospital. Parents cannot afford train tickets of traveling to the hospitals. Parents who accompany children above 2 years old in the hospital need to pay  for their stay in the hospital. Some of these children cannot care for themselves as they have other problems besides heart operations. So they need a adult to care for them. Well this is where we try to help too.
  2. Children who have some family, like only dad or only mum, or grandmother or aunt, do not have the money to buy a lot of medicines they  need. In our orphanage we have a girl who has some skin disease and every month her medicines cost almost 50 EURO. Because it is a skin problem, it is not free medicines for her problem. So every month it is quite a challenge for us to get the medicines for her. Imagine medicines for children who have heart problems.
  3. Old people in our country are a forgotten class. They are the sacrifice group of people. With very little pensions and very sick they need a lot of help. Medicines is what keeps them alive. They live because they take pills, otherwise they would be gone. So it is a big problem for them
  4. Hospital beds. We have received some hospital beds from Holland. It was a nice gift. Very much appreciated. I spoke to the local authorities and told them that we have nice almost new beds, electric ones for people who are paralyzed and can not get down from bed. So we gave them all in just a few days to many families who have such hard problems. So it was a true blessing for all those people who spend all their life in bed only. We have received nice thank you letters from them, and nice pictures and it was nice.
  5. Hospital beds from Austria too. We received 26 beds and some tables for them too and included some small cabinets. It was of a great use as we have given them to a christian charity who has a asylum for elderly  people. So it was a nice gift and  beds are used in that place. Thank you to the people who made this possible.
  6. Disabilities chairs. They are in big demand too. Over the years we have received at least 200 chairs like that. For children for adults for small or big people they are all used and in much demand. We work and have a good partnership with the children hospital and they treat a lot of problems like that. So some of our chairs went to the hospital and then to the patients who needed the chairs so much. I have at least 3 persons who call me every month for electric ones. They have some mobility but cannot go by themselves. So a electric one would be great use for them.

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