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How can you help ? . . . .


  • Send a letter.

Children love to communicate. It is hard to be here with them all the time, but to write a letter and keep in touch with one of them it is not difficult . Maybe 2 time a year someone can write to a child and just offer encouragement. Share the past with them and tell them that at one point it was hard even for you.

They can look up to someone and knowing that someone else had it hard, brings hope to them .

All letters will be read to them and we will translate in Englishand facilitate communication.


  • Send a small gift for their birthday.

We we do have a church from Austria who does that already.

A Calvary Chapel from Salzburg is doing that already. Every family from church “adopted “ a child for gifts for their birthday. That is really nice and helpful for them.  All our children are looking forward to the small gifts and letters that they can get from a person far away.


  • Send a donation.

Taking care of 17 children requires a certain budget. We are not able to do anything without your help. Food on the table, clothes , school, heating, electricity, water, gas, workers, all these costs money and they need a financial effort. You can be a part of that too.


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