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Building a new place for new children!

We started a new building .


We have a house with 8 rooms for 19 Children at the moment. But the legislation is forcing us to build. We need one more house . It is not our choice and it is not something that we choose. But we must do it. 


So in 2017 with the help of a Danish Charity, BBS we started to build a new building in our yard.  We had a beautiful garden with nice grass and some fruit trees and small dogs to run around and children to play in on the grass all the time. It was very nice to have in our area a place of grass of 800 square meters. But unfortunately we had to give that away. It was a sad day. 


But we now have a new building in our yard and it will be a great place for more children.

  1. We plan the ground level to use for children that do not have families or children who are orphans and need a place to grow up and become adults. We will acomodate 8 children at this level. Nice worm dormitories and a nice kitchen with a dining room and a small terase to enjoy a tea with the rest of the children .                                 
  2. First level will be for children who are from villages and they need a place to stay in town. There are many families with clever children. It can be big families with 8 or even 10 children and one of them is very smart. They are capable to go to University and study to became someone. But their families are too pore to afford to send them to schools in town. If you want to go to high school, you need to travel to the city. Some children need to travel even 2 hours going and 2 hours coming back from school. This is where our building will be very useful. We will allow these clever children sleep on the first level of the  new building. They can stay with us in the week time and in the weekend they can go back home and be with their families. This is a great opportunity  for them and it will be great help.  The charity from Denmark is already paying for 6 clever children to go to schools in Botosani and Dorohoi. All we need to do is to finish the new building and they can stay with us and not travel anymore. This is amazing project. 

Suna acum